Courses in Electron Microscopy

Steve Chapman, has over fifty years of experience working with scanning and transmission electron microscopes, was a Hitachi service technician for 8 years before becoming an application specialist.  Steve is one of the very few people in the world who has been in charge of the installation of a Hitachi 1MeV TEM. He then moved to EMscope (now Emitech) to design sputter coaters and one of the very first SEM cryo systems.  Moving on he ran the JEOL demonstration laboratory before joining ISI. Initially running the ISI demonstration laboratory, he then worked with their TEM and SEM design teams developing the first ever TTL SEM.

Starting Protrain in 1982, Steve has since that time worked all round the world, covering a massive range of applications, visiting 31 different countries. But as 2017 approaches it is time for Steve to retire.  To many the thought of Steve retiring is considered a joke, but he is actually making it a fact from January 1st 2017!

He offers his best wishes to all of his friends; he does not believe in calling you customers as you are more than that to him. So attached are just a few of the many pictures showing Steve with these friends.