Courses in Electron Microscopy

We know that with organisations being pressured to be frugal with their purchases, it is now even more important to be sure that you obtain the best services.  If you are considering a course for electron microscopy may we put ourselves forward?  Consider the options that you may have. You may go to a person from a university environment, who may well be their specialist in electron microscopy.  These people are scientists, specialising in a specific subject, but they are also involved in electron microscopy.  In which case their skills are split over at least two subjects, their true expertise being in the preparation of the materials investigated in their laboratory.

Steve Chapman, with over fifty years of experience working with scanning and transmission electron microscopes, was a Hitachi service technician for 8 years before becoming an application specialist.  Steve is one of the very few people in the world who has been in charge of the installation of a 1MeV TEM. He then moved to EMscope (now Emitech) to design sputter coaters and one of the first SEM cryo systems.  Moving on he ran the JEOL demonstration laboratory before joining ISI. Initially running the ISI demonstartion laboratory, he then worked with their TEM and SEM design teams developing the first ever TTL SEM.

Polystyrene Latex coated with platinum


Graphitsed Carbon half lattice 0.172nm

Starting Protrain in 1982, Steve has since that time worked all round the world, covering a massive range of applications, as you will see from the customer list on this site. Compare the knowledge that Steve has with the other "experts" that you may use, how much more information would his background offer his clients?

Protrain have proven that, whilst the residential short courses are a superb introduction to electron microscopy, they are just that, an introduction. When we run courses in a clients laboratory, even if they have attended others residential short course, they are forever saying "why haven't you been here before, why haven't we been told this, it is so important?"  Training is just like insurance, you never know if you have enough until it is too late!

How do you run your instruments, as a historian or a true scientist?  Do you work on history, "we have always done it this way", and does everyone use the same conditions?  Or do you run based on science, using every facet of the instrument to obtain more and better results.  Can you truly say "we don't do history here, we do science"?

Take a look at our courses, and if you like the word training, or educating, or teaching that's just what we do!

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